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Help your dinning guests stay safe at your restaurant by trusting in FogBlaster's 'TRIPLE ATTACK TECHNOLOGY' that hunts and destroys airborne coronavirus. Reduce the 'Viral Footprint' inside your property by ensuring timely and thorough Structured Sanitizing Protocols (SSPs) daily.

Maintaining reduced visitor capacity, requiring masks and practicing social distancing are some ways to reduce the spread of viruses and pathogens. Another extremely effective way to increase greater indoor seating capacity is to apply hypochlorous acid throughout the air using the thermal power of FogBlaster to create tiny aerosolized disinfectant particles that will stay aloft in the air, hunting and destroying the RNA shell of the positively charged coronavirus.
Restaurants are places we can go to get a delicious meal prepared by a local chef or cook, however limited seating and some cases, dine-in closures, have made it very difficult for restaurant owners to provide a meal to customers, keeping them and employees safe, while still trying to maintain a necessary profit margin in order to keep the doors open and employees paid on time.

It's not easy being in the restaurant business right now. Brite & Clean's™ SANITIZE and PROTECT division is here to help!

Our EPA Registered hospital-grade disinfectants are safe for use around food and food preparation areas, and they can be sprayed without the PPE required by some other types of EPA disinfectants.

Helping keep surfaces in an ongoing sanitary condition simply requires a treatment of PureActive, our light-activated protective surface coating, a protective treatment that last up to 6 months on Frequently Touched Objects (FTOs).

Brite & Clean's™ SANITIZE and PROTECT division provides a regular repeating service to help keep you protected in addition to providing employee training and equiping them with our revolutionary FOG BLASTER™ bi-polar electrostatic fogger to treat surfaces and space inside your restaurant yourself WHENEVER you want or need, saving you time and saving you money on professional service calls.

Let us help keep you safe

From our office located in Southern California, we serve the entire globe with quality sanitizing and disinfecting supplies. Is your property properly Cleaned, Sanitized and Disinfected? Call us to discuss how your facility can use naturally-derived disinfectants and high-tech electrostatic sprayers.

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