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Using BI-POLAR IONIZATION, we add 30 million NEGATIVE IONS (OH-) to our aerosolized jetstream to 'Hunt and Destroy' airborne pathogens. What chance does a pathogen have against millions of negative ions?

BIPOLAR IONIZATION means adding positive and negative ions into a jetstream.

The Super Plasma Ionizer blasts existing water molecules in the air (and the ones we add) and converts them into charged H- and OH+ atoms. The negative ions (H-), or ‘Active Hydrogen’, are attracted to the positively charged pathogens, deactivating their RDA protein shell.

Whether virus, or pollutant, this ‘bonding’ also enlarges to a ‘cluster’ so the target is more easily caught in filters.

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From our office located in Southern California, we serve the entire globe with quality sanitizing and disinfecting supplies. Is your property properly Cleaned, Sanitized and Disinfected? Call us to discuss how your facility can use naturally-derived disinfectants and high-tech electrostatic sprayers.

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