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When you are looking for a disinfectant - one you are safe to use, and safe for your customers to have exposure to, where better than to look to the human body for advice.  Every time your body gets an infection, your white blood cell count goes up AND your body starts making HYPOCHLOROUS ACID (HOCL).  We also make HYPOCHLOROUS ACID for our skin to keep our ‘acid mantle’ balanced, which defends the body from harmful pathogens.   Hospitals use HOCL for wound care, and Optometrists prescribe HOCL in eyedrops.  That is why we have chosen to partner with NIXALL®, from Missouri, to bring you their EPA registered and listed HOCL Disinfectant for your LIQUID FOG™ 

We aerosolize NEGATIVELY CHARGED nano-droplets of hypochlorous acid with a chlorine molecule so small you cannot see them, but the right size to have an effective 'attraction' to the positively charged virus, whether it be suspended in SPACE or on a SURFACE.

Brite and Clean™ blasts electrostatically charged nano-droplets (aerosol) for the delivery of Chlorine into the air, and onto surfaces.

Chlorine is a powerful oxidant - that is what makes it the active ingredient in most disinfectants.

The chlorine molecule, when it comes in contact with the protein shell of a virus, destroys the function of the virus shell, rendering it ineffective.

As a superoxidant, HOCl (hypochlorous acid) reacts rapidly with multiple protein targets, resulting in protein oxidation damage being the predominant reaction. The damage induced by HOCl, plays an important role in killing invading pathogens.

There are many ways to put Chlorine into solution, using different formulations, all of them with the intention of have Free Active Chlorine (FAC) in the solution.

As most mixtures are designed for making disinfectants for application by cloths and mops, it's important to realize we are vaporising an aerosol - a new technology, and as such, we should use the safest of all the chlorine-loaded solutions - HOCl, or HYPOCHLOROUS ACID.

Let us help keep you safe

From our office located in Southern California, we serve the entire globe with quality sanitizing and disinfecting supplies. Is your property properly Cleaned, Sanitized and Disinfected? Call us to discuss how your facility can use naturally-derived disinfectants and high-tech electrostatic sprayers.

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