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DRY FINISH: When you need to sanitize and disinfect, pick the pros that leave a DRY Finish, not a WET puddle...using ELECTROSTATICALLY CHARGED nano-droplets, we can guarantee full 'KILL' coverage of every surface without the dampness of other 'fogger companies'.

ENVIRONMENTAL: All of your treatment options, whether to sanitize, disinfect or odor removal, are pathogenically deadly, but biologically friendly to humans, pets and plants.

FAST TREATMENT: You FOG BLAST all your Frequently Touched Objects first, then you FOG BLAST the volume (SPACE) of each room from the ceiling down for faster (less building or room 'downtime') and more complete coverage.

ELECTROSTATIC TECHNOLOGY: Using three of the most advanced technologies of sanitization, FOG BLASTER's 'TRIPLE ATTACK TECHNOLOGY' applies HOCL electrostatically charged nano-droplets, ozone and ions. Pathogens whether airborne or on a surface, are defenseless.

NANO-DROPLETS: With lighter-than-air droplets as small as 0.25 microns, FOG BLASTER outperform battery powered Cold Foggers that deliver droplets over 200 TIMES BIGGER.

DEAD PATHOGENS: You deliver a deadly dose of HYPOCHLOROUS ACID to 'hunt and destroy' surface-based pathogens, with a combination of BIPOLAR IONIZATION and OZONE (safe limit) to 'clean the air' of any airborne pathogens. 

TITANIUM DIOXIDE - ongoing anti-microbial protective coatings for Frequently Touched Objects.

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From our office located in Southern California, we serve the entire globe with quality sanitizing and disinfecting supplies. Is your property properly Cleaned, Sanitized and Disinfected? Call us to discuss how your facility can use naturally-derived disinfectants and high-tech electrostatic sprayers.

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